PrimeVOLT Embraces a Sustainable Future with Green Energy

The arrival of the 55th World Earth Day once again reminds us of our planet’s fragile state. The surge in renewable energy development stands at the heart of the international drive to achieve the “dual carbon” goal. As a pioneer in the inverter industry, PrimeVOLT champions the relentless pursuit of innovation in inverter technology and manufacturing. Fueled by technological advancements and unparalleled services, PrimeVOLT is committed to maximizing the efficiency and output of green energy generation through our inverters.


PrimeVOLT is powered by a team with profound industry expertise, renowned for their swift and personalized responses to customers’ needs. From the technological and manufacturing bases in Shenzhen and Taipei, PrimeVOLT delivers top-notch inverter products to a global clientele. Over the past two years, PrimeVOLT has successfully launched pioneering energy storage inverters, tailored to the evolving needs. Driven by ambitious goals, PrimeVOLT has been expanding its reach worldwide to actively combat the global warming and promote green energy.

PrimeVOLT PV 5-25KTL-D3/G2(P)

One standout in PrimeVOLT’s product lineup is the grid-tied three-phase inverter series SE 5-25K, widely used for residential, small industrial/commercial PV power stations. Featuring a compact design and IP66 protection, this model facilitates effortless outdoor installation. Its compatibility with high-power solar panels, such as 182mm/210mm, ensures maximum power yields. With a low start-up voltage and a broad operational voltage range, SE 5-25K optimally harnesses solar energy, adapting seamlessly to diverse weather conditions. This adaptability translates to enhanced efficiency for households and industrial/commercial applications, promoting a low-carbon lifestyle and nurturing a greener environment.


With a steadfast commitment to the solar energy sector spanning many years, PrimeVOLT has achieved robust growth in both shipments and revenue, earning multiple awards along the way. These accomplishments underscore PrimeVOLT’s leading position in the solar PV market and its unwavering dedication to sustainable development. Looking ahead, PrimeVOLT remains at the forefront of innovation, collaborating closely with customers worldwide to push technological boundaries and expand solar power installations. Together, we address the evolving imperatives of “Carbon Emissions Reduction and Warming Suppression,” shaping a greener future for our Earth.