PrimeVOLT Collaborates with Foxconn to Accelerate Green Energy Ambition

As global temperatures continue to rise, businesses are actively responding to the Paris Climate Agreement and the government’s 2050 Net-Zero aspirations. They are championing the shift towards green energy transformation and ramping up the adoption of renewable sources to elevate their competitiveness in the low-carbon race. In this global movement, Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn), committed to “Sustainable Operations =EPS+ESG” in recent years, not only drives economic growth through innovation but also dedicate itself to environmentally sustainable development.

Adoption of PrimeVOLT Solar Inverters for Foxconn Headquarter

In mid-October 2023, the newly constructed “Solar Power System” at Foxconn’s headquarter was officially completed, representing an extraordinary approximately 11-fold increase in rooftop power generation capacity – from 63.6 kWp to an impressive 717.2 kWp. This remarkable project serves as a testament to Foxconn’s commitment translated into tangible action. A standout feature is the adoption of PrimeVOLT solar inverters across the entire facility, sparking significant interest and acclaim within the industry.

As the top brand in Taiwan for inverter shipment, PrimeVOLT takes pride in being recognized and trusted by a world-class enterprise, playing a significant role in Foxconn’s green evolution. Renowned for high quality and reliability, PrimeVOLT’s inverter products have received the “Taiwan Excellent PV Award” from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for three consecutive years since 2021, and they are widely adopted across various plants in Taiwan.


The entire Foxconn headquarter solar power system adopts PrimeVOLT inverters.

Photo provided by EFUN Technology Co., LTD.


Adoption of Award-Winning Models for Mutual Success

Vincent Fan, Senior Sales Director at PrimeVOLT Taiwan, highlighted the remarkable transformation of Foxconn’s rooftop solar power system with its capacity increase by more than 10-fold. For this substantial upgrade, Foxconn selected PrimeVOLT’s high-efficiency three-phase inverters, namely the PV-60000T-U and 75000T-U models. It’s noteworthy that the PV-75000T-U model earned the prestigious Taiwan Excellent PV Award, underscoring its outstanding performance. The selected model for Foxconn features 4 MPPTs, supporting both three-phase three-wire and three-phase four-wire power systems. Additionally, it has been designed with an optional arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI), further enhancing the safety of the setup.

This series of inverters has also obtained VPC certification for 440/460/480Vac, aligning with the specifications of Taiwan power system. Mr. Fan pointed out that the shunt voltage of Foxconn’s rooftop solar energy system is 440Vac. Choosing the PrimeVOLT PV-75000T-U model allows them to bypass the need for additional transformers, enabling a direct parallel connection with the internal system. This not only reduces the construction and management costs but, more importantly, enhances power generation efficiency, contributing significantly to energy savings and carbon reduction.

Significant Leap towards Sustainability at Foxconn Headquarter

Mr. Fan further emphasized that, with an estimated annual power generation of 1,095 kWh per kWp, the first-year output at this site will surge by more than 16 times, reaching an impressive 785,032 kWh. This amount is sufficient to meet the annual electricity demands of 193 households. Taking into account the power carbon emission coefficient in 2022, calculated at 0.495 kg of carbon dioxide emission per kilowatt-hour, the anticipated annual carbon reduction of this rooftop solar system will be approximately 388.6 metric tons, equivalent to building a Taipei Da’an Forest Park at Foxconn’s headquarter – a vivid illustration of the remarkable energy-saving impact.


The completion of Foxconn’s rooftop solar power system drives a significant green energy transition.

Photo provided by EFUN Technology Co., LTD.


As of November 2023, Foxconn’s use of green power has exceeded 40%, making a significant contribution to achieving its net-zero emissions goal. The successful upgrade and transformation of the rooftop solar power system at Foxconn’s headquarter reflect the company’s strong commitment to Earth citizenship. Mr. Fan is confident that Foxconn’s proactive stance in fulfilling its Earth citizenship responsibilities will serve as a catalyst, inspiring other companies to follow suit. PrimeVOLT is optimistic about this achievement, considering it a perfect demonstration for other companies seeking similar sustainable practices.  PrimeVOLT remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering top-notch quality inverter products and technical services to all users.


About PrimeVOLT

PrimeVOLT, a leading green energy brand affiliated to Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD), specializes in the design and manufacture of solar inverters. Renowned for its highly efficient and reliable products, complemented by prompt local technical service response, PrimeVOLT has emerged as the top brand in Taiwan’s inverter market, winning the “Taiwan Excellent PV Award” from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for several consecutive years. PrimeVOLT is unwaveringly committed to delivering innovative inverters and energy storage solutions to empower a greener and more sustainable future.

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