PrimeVOLT’s New Lightweight High Efficiency PV Inverters Debut at Energy Taiwan 2019

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With its first opening on the 16th of October, the 2019 Energy Taiwan trade show attracts solar energy industry giants from around the globe. For this occasion, PrimeVOLT has introduced numerous flagship new PV Inverters, fully demonstrating the R&D and production capabilities of Taiwan.

Unprecedented turnout at the PrimeVOLT booth

Having been active in the solar energy industry for many years, PrimeVOLT took advantage of this opportunity to introduce 4 new single-phase PV inverters – 3kW, 3.6kW, 5kW, and HV-5kW. Aside from a significant improvement in efficiency, the new models are lighter in weight and more compact, bestowing more than 20% weight and volume reduction compared to previous models.

To satisfy the customer requirements of large-scale, land-based solar power plant in Taiwan, PrimeVOLT launched its 60kW and 75kW high power three-phase flagship PV Inverters, which have become the spotlight of the exhibition and impressed visitors so much. Following the launch of 40kW PV inverter in 2018, the new 60kW and 75kW PV inverters come with four MPPTs and are capable of maximizing power generation in each PV array, so that the entire power generation could be tracked and enhanced effectively.

Additionally, PrimeVOLT has implemented measures to ensure that no power loss occurs during reactive power compensation (PF0.9), preventing a decrease in PV inverter output while static VAR compensators are in operation. This feature guarantees steady income of PV power for each PrimeVOLT’s user.

Exclusive Aluminum die casting technique that withstood on-site testing

Differentiating from traditional PV inverter produced through welding of stainless steel and is therefore prone to erosion and water damage, PrimeVOLT PV inverter is manufactured using its signature aluminum die casting technology. Having acquired both IP65 (dust and water resistance) and IEC salt-spraying certification, the uni-body design ensures optimal efficiency even though the solar power plant is located in high salt spray and high humidity environment.

Offering the fastest and most comprehensive services, PrimeVOLT gains business opportunities

Apart from offering product that is 100% designed and manufactured in Taiwan, the PrimeVOLT team offers professional advice on the optimal capacity and complementary hardware requirements for the initial stages of power plant planning and works with customers in finding the optimal solution. PrimeVOLT’s expertise has earned widespread praise from customers over the years. In addition, PrimeVOLT elaborated local service network satisfies the needs of customers by providing on-site service within 48 hours from notice.

About PrimeVOLT

PrimeVOLT, a subsidiary energy company of Asian Power Devices Inc., is a leading photovoltaic inverter manufacturer in Taiwan. The PrimeVOLT team is a pioneer in the field of renewable energy in Taiwan. The motto – “cultivate locally, think globally”- best captures the spirit of the team which markets the name, PrimeVOLT, as a global brand. PrimeVOLT products have earned the ‘Golden Pin Design Award’ from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and are a first choice in the solar energy industry.

Taiwanese Manufacture and Service
PrimeVOLT Launches Multiple PV Inverters

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In order to achieve an accumulated capacity goal of 20GW by 2025, Taiwan’s government is actively promoting photovoltaic installation to further development. PrimeVOLT, a subsidiary company of Asian Power Devices Incorporated, has been an avid supporter of such cause. PrimeVOLT took advantage of its local service network as well as qualified products that are entirely made and designed in Taiwan. At the 2019 Energy Taiwan trade show, multiple portfolios of brand new PV inverters were launched, providing all new solutions to solve existing challenges. The show booth was seen having an unprecedented turnout of visitors.

Debut of Lightweight and High Efficiency PV Inverters

Active in the development of the solar energy industry for years, in Energy Taiwan 2019, PrimeVOLT introduced numerous PV inverters to the market, including the four single-phase 3kW, 3.6kW, 5kW, and HV-5kW. Aside from a significant improvement in efficiency, they now pack 20% less bulk and weight compared with previous products.

Meanwhile, PrimeVOLT also launched three-phase PV inverter with larger capacity. Since the launch of 40kW PV inverter in 2018, 60kW and 75kW three-phase flagship products have been introduced to the market. These PV inverters come with four MPPTs and are capable of maximizing power generation in each one of the PV array, resulting in an overall increase of efficiency in power generation.

PrimeVOLT’s new 60kW and 75kW Three-Phase Flagship PV Inverters

Whether single-phase or three-phase PV inverters, PrimeVOLT’s products were all designed with uni-body aluminum die-casting housing which, in contrast with conventional PV inverters with welded modular steel housing that is susceptible to erosion and waterproof damage, is of one-piece seamless design. PrimeVOLT PV inverters not only have sturdy housing but alsoIP65 certification. The fact that all PrimeVOLT’s products were certified by IEC salt-spraying tests which means that they are able to maintain the optimal operating efficiency even in adverse conditions like hot, humid environments, beaches, or areas adjacent to a water body.

In compliance with Taiwan governmental policies, all PrimeVOLT PV inverters have certified by VPC (Voluntary Product Certification) from the Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection for the voluntary certification of the products. Additionally, PrimeVOLT has further enlarged PV inverter output capacity to make up for power losses when static VAR compensators are at work.

Normally, in trying to maintain stability of grid, all power generators must simultaneously supply both static and dynamic reactive power. The purpose of supplying static reactive power is to stabilize and maintain voltage during reactive power compensation so that the power system remains operational. However, reactive power compensation reduces power generation and incomes. PrimeVOLT General Manager, Chuang, Ching-Ming states: “To this end, PrimeVOLT has improved the designs of all products so that aside from meeting the requirement for reactive power control, sufficient power generation is achieved. In the case of the 40kW PV inverter, a total power output of 44.5 kVA can be achieved, even during the time of reactive power compensation. Such is guarantee that the actual power output can still be kept as maximum 40kW.”

The advantage of being a local company means the speediest and most complete service that’s available to customers.

For the future, PrimeVOLT will continue to bring new products to the market in alignment with future trends. There is a high likelihood of developing PV inverter with even larger capacity and a strategic positioning of the company in the large-scale, land-based solar power plant market. PrimeVOLT also plans to diversify sales by targeting the demand of PV inverter for various renewable energy sources and developing pertinent solutions.

With its cost-effective and reliable Taiwanese-made products, PrimeVOLT will offer locally oriented service to fulfil the needs of its customers. In the words of Chuang, Ching-Ming, “the PrimeVOLT team is able to advise customers on the optimal capacity and complementary hardware requirements in their initial stages of power plant planning; the team offers the needed expertise and will work with customers to find the optimal solution. The professional approach and customized service have garnered widespread praise in the industry.”

The Taiwan’s government is actively promoting solar energy development. According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Green Energy Plan, the accumulated solar power capacity would be scheduled to reach 20GW by 2025. Idle watersides like beaches will be prime grounds for large-scale solar power plant development. Industrial power gobblers will be required to harvest a certain percentage of their power use from renewable energy sources. Power stations employing rooftop panels will also be in demand. In face of enormous market potential, PrimeVOLT’s entire PV inverter series offer excellent protection against humidity and salt-spraying. Being a 100% locally oriented company also allows PrimeVOLT to better serve the needs of local customers and provide immediate technical support to ensure great power output and reliability.

About PrimeVOLT

PrimeVOLT, a subsidiary energy company of Asian Power Devices Inc., is a leading photovoltaic inverter manufacturer in Taiwan. The PrimeVOLT team is a pioneer in the field of renewable energy in Taiwan. The motto – “cultivate locally, think globally”- best captures the spirit of the team which markets the name, PrimeVOLT, as a global brand. PrimeVOLT products have earned the ‘Golden Pin Design Award’ from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and are a first choice in the solar energy industry.

Seizing Opportunities in Green Energy Development
PrimeVOLT Inverters Meet Market Expectations

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The global development in green energy has come under the international spotlight. Setting the goal of a capacity of 20GW for solar energy by the year 2025 shows the emphasis the Taiwanese government puts on green energy development in its non-nuclear power policy. Due to Taiwan’s high population density and limited land space finding a suitable site for a 20GW capacity solar installation becomes a top priority. To this end, an increase in the number of land-diverse applications in reservoirs, ponds, salt flats, fish farms, and detention ponds as a solar power station is noticeable. The potentially harsh conditions such as high salt spray and high humidity and their effects on the feasibility of such solar power stations have also drawn attention and aroused discussions.

PrimeVOLT General Manager, Chuang, Ching-Ming

The journal has interviewed Mr. Chuang, Ching-Ming, the General Manager of PrimeVOLT, which has been actively working in the solar energy industry for many years and has established a prestigious reputation with the exceptional performance of their self-developed PV Inverters. The products’ outstanding ability to withstand harsh operating conditions such as high salt spray and high humidity, has earned PrimeVOLT trust of investors and EPC in the solar energy industry. In addition to the largest market share in Penghu and the applications of their products for over five years, major projects with collaborating parties on reservoirs, ponds, and canals in Taiwan prove PrimeVOLT’s leading position in the industry as a manufacturer of reliable solar inverter withstanding harsh environments. In Mr. Chuang’s opinion, the future of green energy development in Taiwan is positive with market opportunity and potential. He also shares deeper insights about the product in the followings.

Aluminum die-casting and uni-body design help to prolong lifetime and improve aesthetics.

PrimeVOLT’s new 75kW Flagship Model

Mr. Chuang points out that PrimeVOLT’s PV String Inverter is designed for medium to small output kW capacity and meets the requirements of withstanding high humidity and high salt spray for the applications near water. PrimeVOLT inverters have thus gained a solid reputation as products of choice for power plant construction in such environments.

Utilizing aluminum die casting to create uni-body products is one of PrimeVOLT’s core concepts. The absence of welding provides a tightly sealed design and waterproof function, allowing PrimeVOLT products to remain operational over long periods of time in adverse environmental conditions. Successful market strategies have helped PrimeVOLT break sales records year after year. The total combined wattage of installations for 2019 is expected to exceed 200MW. Growth rate over the past few years had always stayed above 50%, with certain years even achieving growth rates over 75%. In terms of domestic PV Inverter market share, PrimeVOLT has now climbed to the second place and is on its way to taking the crown.

With the launch of 75kW flagship models, high capacity product production lines are rapidly expanding.

Even though String type inverters have advantages in better MPPT tracking performance, easiness of maintenance, and the ability to disperse risks of power losses when an inverter malfunctions. Photovoltaic power plants in Taiwan are inclined towards the use of Central PV Inverters for the quick installations and management convenience. In this respect, Mr. Chuang revealed PrimeVOLT’s plans of developing high capacity and central PV inverters in alignment with market demands. For the time being, aside from continuously enhancing the competitive edge of PrimeVOLT’s existing 3kW to 40kW String Type models, PrimeVOLT plans to develop higher powered models this year.

At the Energy Taiwan 2019, PrimeVOLT will showcase its new String-type models. In addition to models with restyled exterior appearances, more compact dimensions, lighter weight, higher efficiency, and better cost-effectiveness, 60kW and 75kW flagship models are also going to be debuted. In the future, products with even larger capacities will be brought onto the market to meet the needs of clients after taking market trends into consideration.

Regarding long-term product planning, the R&D team, which has accumulated extensive technical know-how in the development of electronic energy products (Uninterruptible Power Supplies/Battery Storage Capacity Applications), will dedicate their efforts to the development of renewable energy products (small scale wind/hydro power) in addition to PV Inverters that are even more competitive. The goal is to help clients realize improve efficiency and monetary gains with the use of innovative solutions that are designed and made in Taiwan. Aside from creating business opportunities through partnerships in the industry, we also hope to do our part in contributing to environmental cleanliness and Taiwan’s future green energy developments.

Energy Taiwan 2019 
We welcome your visit and any inquiries you may have.

Date:16-18 Oct, 2019
Place:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1

PRIMEVOLT is Set to Attend the Energy Taiwan 2019

The global development in green energy has come under the international spotlight. In approaching nuclear-free homeland policies, the government of Taiwan has placed a lot of emphasis on the development of the green energy industry.

At the Energy Taiwan 2019, PrimeVOLT will showcase its new String-type models. In addition to models with restyled exterior appearances, more compact dimensions, lighter weight, higher efficiency, and better cost-effectiveness, 60kW and 75kW flagship models are also going to be debuted.

Date:2019/10/16 – 18

Place:Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1


Intersolar Europe 2019 – Taiwan Innovative Product Launch Conference
PrimeVOLT Receives Unmatched Attention

PrimeVOLT’s General Manager Chin-ming Chuang shared the success story of the application in the water-based environments

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Intersolar Europe 2019 was held at the Messe München exhibition center in Munich on May 15th. It is a representative exhibition for global solar photovoltaic technologies. According to the latest data provided by Intersolar, the total solar power generation in the world will reach 621.7 GW in 2022. In Europe, more than 100 GW was generated at the end of 2018, accounting for one-sixth of the total solar power generation in the world. This exhibition is the most important platform through which the manufactures can enter Europe and gain more insight into the global solar market.

Taiwan’s solar energy systems and products have been highly competitive internationally in recent years, forming a force to be reckoned with. This year, Intersolar Europe arranged Taiwan X PV Talk – Taiwan Innovative Product Launch Conference. The participating top-notch Taiwanese manufacturers are all capable of independent research and development, creating innovative and unique products.

PrimeVOLT, based in Taiwan, has been devoted to the development and manufacture of on-grid PV inverters for many years, and attaches great importance to the European market. In the Launch Conference, it had in-depth discussions with European solar energy companies and shared the success stories of PrimeVOLT’s inverters used in water-based environment. Among them, the new diversified applications in multiple water-based areas and Penghu coastal area in Taiwan further appealed to European solar energy companies and sparked heated discussions during the exhibition.

Chin-ming Chuang, General Manager of PrimeVOLT, said, “Taking into consideration the high-humidity, high-salt and unfavorable conditions for construction, we should evaluate the overall benefits over the course of 20 years. In addition to the reduction of product life, the loss of power generation efficiency and the increased maintenance costs, solar-energy products’ corrosion does serious damage to the environment and water resources protection. Thus, the product’s corrosion resistance is critical, and the products of small size and light weight benefit the installation and maintenance in harsh environments.”

PrimeVOLT PV inverters applied in large water-based environments

Many of Taiwan’s ground-mounted solar power stations are using PrimeVOLT’s three-phase on grid PV inverter- with excellent anti-corrosion against salt and humidity, high efficiency, and the greatest price competitiveness. Currently, all the models from PrimeVOLT are equipped with aluminum die-casting chassis design without welding process. Aside from effective reduction on the volume and weight, they further provide perfect reliable and long-term IP65 International Protection ratings with perfect reliability and sustainability.

Moreover, through the IEC salt mist test (IEC 60068-2-52 Severity 5), they can withstand the test of harsh environment in various regions of the world. Their built-in MPPT controllers can track the maximum power of the system. The excellent and stable performance can even help customers get the best return on investment.

PrimeVOLT’s PV inverters sell worldwide. With their excellent characteristics of efficiency and stability, they have been reported by the most authoritative magazine in global solar photovoltaic industry, Photon International. Furthermore, their highly aesthetic product design has also been awarded “Golden Pin Design Award” by the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA.

This time, PrimeVOLT’s success story sharing in Taiwan X PV talk, Taiwan Innovative Product Launch Conference in Intersolar Europe, is deeply recognized by the European solar energy companies. Looking to the future, PrimeVOLT will continue to develop more competitive products in the market, with innovative products and solutions 100% made and developed in Taiwan, further representing Taiwan in helping customers around the world to create better effectiveness and benefits.

Successful Application of PrimeVOLT PV Inverter in Creating Water-Based Systems

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n alignment with the “2025 Nuclear-free Homeland” policy and achieve the 20GW accumulated installation capacity goal for solar energy, the Taiwanese government actively promotes the installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems, and encourages industries to pursuit industrial upgrades, as well as further increase the revenue of aquaculture businesses through electricity sold to utility companies, thereby creating a win-win scenario. Recently, the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI) hosted an energy forum to discuss applications of “Water-based solar power generation and the incorporation of solar power in fishery industry”, analyzing the latest core technology of solar power system construction in addition to successful implementations of water-based cases.

Vincent Fan, the Director for PrimeVOLT’s Business Division

PrimeVOLT was invited to share its success and experience in planning and installing inverters in the water-based projects. Vincent Fan, the Director of PrimeVOLT’s Business Division stated: “Both water-based and land-based implementations must take into account environmental conditions and assess the overall efficiency and return on investment over 20 years. The welded parts of inverters installed in the water-based cases are usually subject to corrosion, resulting in water seepage, which causes system malfunctions. For salt-water applications, salt resistance and anti-corrosion capabilities shall be taken into consideration for the inverter’s body case and its connectors.”

100% designed and manufactured in Taiwan, PrimeVOLT has for many years, devoted to the research and development of the PV inverter. The PrimeVOLT inverter features a unique aluminum die-casting case, a one-piece body and water-proof design, thereby preventing corrosion or water penetration from occurring in welded parts after long-term usage. Complemented by water-proof surface conditioning, anti-salt and anti-corrosion baking-varnish coating, the PV inverter series can maintain an IP 65 water-proof and dust-proof level and has passed IEC salt-fog tests (IEC 60068-2-52 Severity 5). The product series can withstand strict tests from water-based project environments. Furthermore, the embedded MPPT controller can achieve maximum power through tracking, allowing the PV system to optimize efficiency.

Vincent Fan emphasized: “For many years, PrimeVOLT has helped its clients achieve the optimal efficiency in applications involving different kinds of harsh environments. In alignment of the government’s policy promotions, all models of the PrimeVOLT series comply with VPC certification requirements. PrimeVOLT will soon introduce grid type PV inverters with a larger capacity in order to meet market demands.”

PrimeVOLT PV inverters implemented in the Agongdian Reservoir case.


Interview with PrimeVOLT:Service and Localization Essential on the PV Market


Taiwan’s PV market has shown a lot of promising growth in recent years. In 2017, its total PV power output hit a record high 1.69 billion Kw/hour, while its total PV installation capacity exceeded 1 GW by the end of the year. This year, a growing number of vendors will begin to shift their focus towards long term operational efficiency and performance as the market becomes more mature. With the overall difference in PV technologies becoming less noticeable, more and more vendors will begin to direct their attention towards after-sales services and localization.

A manufacturer from Taiwan whose business emphasizes both service and localization is PrimeVOLT, a business group of Asian Power Devices (APD). At Energy Taiwan 2018, PrimeVOLT displayed its 40 kW three -phase grid-connection PV inverter which boasts 100% Taiwan design, localized production, and high cost-performance ratio. The product also features multiple certifications, high-efficiency after-sales services, and technological support, which impressed many visitors.

Creating a Solution for Ground-Mounted Projects via Design

Following the completion of its two-year PV power plan which focuses on rooftop solar panels, the Taiwanese government will start pushing for ground-mounted PV power plants to materialize its “nuclear-free homeland” vision by 2025. PrimeVOLT’s 40 kW three-phase grid-connection PV inverter is a new model for application in ground-mounted PV power systems, boasting excellent stability and performance, which is similar to its predecessor 30 kW three-phase grid-connection PV inverter.

Thanks to its special design, PrimeVolt’s PV inverter can be installed on tidal lands or salt flats, which are often sites for local PV power ground-mounted stations. The inverter features a unique aluminum die-casting case, a one-piece body, and water-proof design, preventing corrosion or water penetration, which are common in welded parts after long usage. With the usage of a water-proof membrane and anti-salt and -corrosion baking-varnish coating, the PV inverter can still maintain an IP 65 water- and dust-proof level after long years of usage and has passed the IEC salt-fog tests.

Services not limited to own products

PV power plant development can be very complicated, involving not only design, panel, and frame of the system, but also power allocation from the state-run Taiwan Power Company. These can all affect power output and reliability in the long run. In addition to the provision of the PV inverter, PrimeVolt can assist customers in the planning and design of their own PV power plants.

“Taking advantage of localization to meet customer demands which cannot be satisfied by others” is what has enabled PrimeVOLT to become a leading PV inverter supplier in Taiwan, points out PrimeVOLT general manager Zhuang Chin-min, who stresses the long term importance of services on the PV power device market

After-sales services critical for long-term performance

With the gradual maturity of the PV power market, warranty, timely after-sales services, and sufficient technological support have become key factors for customers in selecting suppliers, due to the inevitability of the malfunction or breaking down of PV inverters which are exposed to the environment for a long period. This is another edge of PrimeVOLT, thanks to its localization.

Due to its local advantage, PrimeVOLT offers on-site repair services guaranteed for completion within 48 hours, which often drops to 24 hours in the case of PV inverters. “In many cases, we found that the problem lies in parts other than the PV inverter,” notes Fan Ming-chung, the Director for PrimeVOLT’s business division. The situation has prompted PrimeVOLT to expand the coverage of their services to parts other than the PV inverter.

During Energy Taiwan 2018, it is evident that PrimeVOLT has established a trustworthy reputation on the local market because of the reliability and high cost-price ratio of its product, and its real-time local services. With four items having passed VPC (voluntary product certification) in early July, PrimeVOLT is expected to pass the certification for the entire series of models by the end of 2018. In the future, PrimeVOLT will put forth grid-connection PV inverters with even larger capacities, which will also be coupled with quality services.