PrimeVOLT Puts the Spotlight on Cutting-Edge PV Inverters and Stratetic Partnership at Smart Energy Council Conference and Exhibition 2023

PrimeVOLT, a leading solar inverter supplier from Asia, showcased its latest product portfolio at the Smart Energy Council Conference and Exhibition (Booth No. 31), Australia’s premier solar, storage and smart energy event, which was held from May 3 to 4, 2023 at the International Convention Center Sydney. With a focus on cutting-edge PV inverters such as PV 5KTL-D1/G2P, PV 10KTL-D1P, PV 10/15KTL-D3/G2, PV 5KHB-120, and PV 10KHB-D3, PrimeVOLT demonstrated its innovative design and manufacturing capabilities in the PV inverter industry.

“As one of the fastest-growing solar energy markets in the world, Australia represents a significant growth opportunity for PrimeVOLT,” said Lisa Ren, General Manager of PrimeVOLT New Energy Ausrralia Pty Ltd. “Our commitment to the booming market and our strategic partners is demonstrated through the establishment of PrimeVOLT New Energy Australia Pty Ltd. We are dedicated to delivering superior products and services that are tailored to the unique needs and preference of the local market.”

During the exhibition, PrimeVOLT made an important announcement, appointing ECO Sakura Energy Pty Ltd. as its official distributor for the Australian market. The special Authorization Ceremony was attended by Lisa Ren add Roy Zhao, Director of ESE, highlighting the strategic move for PrimeVOLT New Energy Australia Pty Ltd to achieve greater success in this growing renewable energy market. “We are confident that ESE’s in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry will provide the best service and support to our customers in the region. This partnership is a crucial step towards fulfilling our mission of delivering innovative and sustainable solar solutions to our local users,” added Lisa.

With decades-long expertise in PV inverter design and development, PrimeVOLT has established a prominent brand presence in the industry, securing its position as the top inverter shipment provider for the Taiwan market in 2022. The achievement has made it the go-to choice for major power plants seeking reliable and high-quality products. Committed to fulfilling its vision of empowering a greener world, PrimeVOLT has increased the manufacturing capacity from 3GW to 10GW at its new Shenzhen plant. This significant move signifies the company’s dedication to driving sustainable energy and solidifying its position as a leading solar solution service provider globally.

PrimeVOLT’s commitment to manufacturing excellence is evidenced by their state-of-the-art facilities, which are equipped with industry-leading automation production and all-round intelligent equipment. By implementing the most rigorous international standards, the company ensures consistent and superior product quality. Notably, all of PrimeVOLT’s products have obtained CEC certification, resolving access issue in the Australia market and providing a solid foundation support for the company’s expansion ambition into more overseas markets.

At the exhibition, PrimeVOLT debuted its brand new three phase hybrid inverter PV 5/6/8/10 KHB-D3, which boasts superior efficiency with a PV-AC efficiency rating of 98.4% and a BAT efficiency rating of 97.9%. Its large PV input power of 15kW and 30A large MPPT currents make it compatible with high-power solar modules. It also supports a wide battery voltage range of 150-600V and a 50A charge-discharge current, enabling fast charge-discharge to meet the demands of high consumption. The new inverter offers a maximum backup output of 10kW and a typical 10ms transfer to backup mode, supporting 150% unbalanced loads in backup mode.

The PV 5/6/8/10 KHB-D3 is built to withstand even the most challenging outdoor conditions, featuring a protection rating of IP65 & C5. Key components from world-famous brands ensure quality and reliability, while built-in multiple protections, including DC switch, DRM, over-voltage, over-current, and leakage current, provide extra peace of mind. Optional add-ons like AFCI/GFCI/SPD are also available. Its natural cooling, fan-less design is coupled with a BMS system to ensure longer battery lifetime. Multiple working modes and flexible settings allow for maximum energy efficiency, and quick commissioning via an app and 7x24h online management make for easy installation and maintenance.

Smart Energy Council Conference and Exhibition 2023 is a highly anticipated event that brings together a diverse range of stakeholders in the renewable energy industry, including manufacturers, distributors, project developers, financiers and many more. With over 250 suppliers and more than 10,000 industry professionals in attendance, the exhibition offers a unique opportunity for industry suppliers and experts to broaden their networks and explore new business opportunities. PrimeVOLT’s participation in the event is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to driving a greener planet and creating a better tomorrow for generations to come.


[About PrimeVOLT]

As a leading brand in green energy, PrimeVOLT is dedicated to designing and manufacturing solar inverters for customers worldwide. Its robust R&D capabilities, coupled with high-quality products and professional services, have made PrimeVOLT the number one brand in the PV inverter industry in Taiwan. Moving forward, PrimeVOLT will continue to provide innovative products and energy storage solutions to contribute to a green and sustainable future.

PrimeVOLT Tops the List of Inverter Shipment for 2022 in Taiwan

The increasing occurrence of extreme weather conditions and energy scarcity have urged governments around the world to actively promote the use of renewable energy. Taiwan, which is currently facing a power shortage crisis following the retirement of nuclear power plants, has accelerated its efforts to promote renewable energy. As of 2022, Taiwan’s total renewable energy capacity has surpassed that of nuclear energy, with solar installations witnessing an almost 7-fold increase in output. Amidst the thriving solar market, the competition for PV inverters – the core equipment of the entire solar system – has even intensified. Thanks to its superior product quality and excellent after-sales service, PrimeVOLT has emerged as a leader in this domain, earning the top rank in inverter shipment for 2022. The company has become the preferred choice of customers across Taiwan’s major power plants.

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PrimeVOLT unwavering commitment to the Taiwan market has been put to the test over the past years, as the world grappled with unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic. From the shortage and price surging of raw materials to the scarcity of critical materials for IGBT (Isolated-gate bipolar transistor) due to the increasing demand for electric vehicles and charging piles, PrimeVOLT has overcome numerous industry-related challenges. Despite all these obstacles, the company has remained steadfast in its commitment to the customers in Taiwan by offering superior products with stable and timely supply. As Jimmy Chuang, General Manager of PrimeVOLT, commented, “PrimeVOLT rose up to all the challenges, delivering outstanding results that have earned the loyalty of our customers in the market.”

With strategic flexibility in marketing & sales and commitment to excellence in product quality, PrimeVOLT has achieved an impressive growth rate of 30% per year. In recent years, the company has continuously expanded its R&D and customer service expertise with a strategic focus on the local market, creating an unmatched competitive advantage. So far, PrimeVOLT has shipped over 1.8GW in Taiwan, a testament to its popularity and trustworthiness in the market. From the preliminary planning and design of power plants, PrimeVOLT is fully engaged in providing R&D technical resources, including technical consultation on site construction in the early stage, assistance in communication with Taiwan’s power companies during the grid-connected phase, and flexible shipment in accordance with the project progress. With the deployment of a local R&D team, PrimeVOLT offers efficient and professional support throughout the entire process, setting it apart from its competitors.

As a subsidiary of APD Group, a leading power supply manufacturer in Taiwan, PrimeVOLT has inherited decades of expertise and innovation in power electronics and new energy. With a focus on developing and manufacturing on-grid PV inverters, PrimeVOLT has established itself as the go-to-choice for customers seeking high-quality and high-performance products. The company’s dedication to excellence has been recognized with the highest industry award in Taiwan, the “Taiwan Excellent PV Award”, which is issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in both 2021 and 2022. This award is also a strong testimony to PrimeVOLT’s robust technology and superior quality, cementing its position as a trusted and reliable provider of green energy solutions and services.

With the solar installation capacity on the rise and the launch of high-power panels such as M10 and G12, module power has increased to over 500W. In response, PrimeVOLT has expanded its product portfolio by introducing a new line of 30~75kW high-current solar inverters, designed to be compatible with this high-power solar trend. As the market evolves towards higher power and energy storage applications, PrimeVOLT remains committed to leveraging its strengths and improving product quality and technology. By focusing on the needs of its customers in Taiwan, the company is well-positioned to launch more inverter products that meet market trends and bring better technology, products, and service solutions to customers.

PrimeVOLT receives the ” Taiwan Excellent PV Award” for two consecutive years in Taiwan

About PrimeVOLT

PrimeVOLT is a leading brand in green energy, affiliated with Taiwan’s renowned power supply giant APD. The company is dedicated to designing and manufacturing solar inverters for customers worldwide. Its robust R&D capabilities, coupled with high-quality products and professional services, have made PrimeVOLT the number one brand in the PV inverter industry in Taiwan. Moving forward, PrimeVOLT will continue to provide innovative products and energy storage solutions to contribute to a green and sustainable future. For more information, please visit:

PrimeVOLT Sets a Shining Example with Green Rooftop Solar System Taichung Jianguo Market Grid Connection on March 6

As the global movement towards net-zero emissions gains momentum and the European Union introduces its Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), Taiwan is leading the way in combating climate change by passing the Climate Change Response Act. This act accelerates the transition to net-zero and renewable energy for both public and private sectors. The Taichung City Government is taking active steps to promote green energy and build a low-carbon city. To this end, the Taichung Jianguo Market, the largest public retail market in Taiwan, has built a rooftop solar power system by repurposing the top floor parking lot. The system, which was officially connected to the grid on March 6, is expected to supply electricity to 461 households annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 991.822 metric tons. This is equivalent to the annual carbon absorption of 2.6 Da’an Forest Parks. The initiative is set to inject new life into green energy development and the revitalization of public spaces, creating a nationwide benchmark for public green rooftop projects.


The solar power generation system at Taichung Jianguo Market, designed and constructed by Mingjun Energy, has a total capacity of 1,948,570 kW per year. The innovative rain shelter design, combining H-steel structure and C-beam, allows for the installation of solar modules above it. This design not only improves the building’s service life but also maximizes the usage rate of the top floor parking lot. The project features PrimeVOLT intelligent solar inverters, which are compliant with IP66 waterproof and dustproof standards and pass the salt spray test of the international regulation standard IEC 60068-2-52:2017 severity 5. Even with Taiwan’s diverse climate, the system provides stable operation and excellent power conversion performance. The PrimeVOLT inverter is equipped with four sets of MPPT that can be flexibly configured to optimize power generation according to the different configurations and orientations of the solar panels. Its PF 0.9 real power output without load shedding function can enhance the overall power generation revenue. Additionally, the optional AFCI function can detect arc abnormalities in time, reducing the risk of fire for the system.

FAN Mingchung, Senior Sales Manager from PrimeVOLT, emphasized the crucial role of solar inverters in ensuring the safety and efficiency of solar systems. He also mentioned that at the Taichung Jianguo Market, 22 three-phase on-grid inverters of 60kW have been installed, each embedded with maximum power point tracking technology that can achieve a remarkable conversion efficiency up to 98.6%. The cutting-edge technology fully maximizes the power generation efficiency of the system, ensuring that the rooftop solar power system provides reliable and efficient clean energy to the community.

Established in 2010, PrimeVOLT is the new energy brand of Taiwan’s major power supply manufacturer APD. Leveraging its robust R&D expertise, PrimeVOLT offers top-notch solar inverter products with premium quality and high performance to both domestic and international markets. With a steadily increasing shipment volume, PrimeVOLT has already installed a total of 1.8GW of solar systems. In recognition of its outstanding PV inverter products, PrimeVOLT has been awarded the highest honor in Taiwan’s solar industry, the “Golden Energy Award”, for two consecutive years. As the leading solar inverter brand, PrimeVOLT is firmly committed to providing excellent and reliable products to its clients around the world.

【About PrimeVOLT】

PrimeVOLT is a leading brand in green energy, affiliated with Taiwan’s renowned power supply giant APD. The company is dedicated to designing and manufacturing solar inverters for customers worldwide. Its robust R&D capabilities, coupled with high-quality products and professional services, have made PrimeVOLT the number one brand in the PV inverter industry in Taiwan. Moving forward, PrimeVOLT will continue to provide innovative products and energy storage solutions to contribute to a green and sustainable future.

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PrimeVOLT launches new PV inverters for high power solar modules HOT!

Driven by the global Net Zero Emission commitment and the pressing energy demands as the world bounces back from the pandemic, the number of solar photovoltaic installations is on an impressive upsurge. And this comes with the booming growth of solar PV converters/inverters. Responding to the trend of high-power modules, such as M10 and G12 launched recently by major module manufacturers, PrimeVOLT, a leading solar inverter supplier from Taiwan, has unveiled its latest generation of high-current solar inverters, including 30kW, 60kW and 75kW models. These products are tailored to perfection for compatibility with high power solar panels, promising users a more stable and efficient solar power generation experience.

PrimeVOLT’s latest series of high-current solar inverters not only offer outstanding compatibility with high-power panels but are also highly cost-competitive, positioning the company as an important driving force towards a greener future.

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the pressing need for green energy, solar power generation has been emerged as a frontrunner among sustainable solutions. With a Taiwangovernment-mandated plan to reach 20GW solar capacity by 2025, domestic solar modules have been pushing towards higher power modules exceeding 500W, aiming to reduce construction costs and achieve Net Zero Emission by 2050. As a crucial component of solar power generation system, the quality and operational stability of PV inverters play a pivotal role in enhancing power generation efficiency and overall safety. With the rising demand for high-power modules, the market for converters that are compatible with these modules is set to grow rapidly, offering the innovative products to meet the needs of the industry.

The new models not only inherit the defining features of PrimeVOLT’s mass-produced products, but also boast unparalleled capacity upgrades. With a focus on flexibility and efficiency, these cutting-edge devices are designed to withstand higher currents in the string input section, enabling a highly efficient output of solar modules that can support large-scale solar power generation systems. The new models can cater to a wide range of application scenarios and adapt to various power environments. For instance, the 75kW high power inverter model features 4 groups of MPPT, 8 groups of DC input, and a string input current of up to 19.5A, making it ideal for next-generation modules such as M10 and G12. It can also support three-phase & three-wire / three-phase & four-wire power systems, complete with a built-in DC junction box and virtual power compensation function. Optional AFCI (DC arc detection) functionality further enhances the safety performance. In addition, these models have passed national information security level 2 certification to ensure data protection. With comprehensive after-sales service support, customers can rest assured that they will receive worry-free service throughout the process. By reducing the cost and losses of transformers as customers switch between 440/460V systems and increasing power generation revenue, the new series from PrimeVOLT prove to be a game-changer in the solar energy industry.

PrimeVOLT’s full range of solar inverters are all compliant with the “VPC Voluntary Product Verification” policy requirements.

PrimeVOLT, a leading brand in green energy, is affiliated with Taiwan’s renowned power supply giant APD. The company is dedicated to delivering top-quality converter/inverter products and professional technical support services to customers worldwide. Their commitment to excellence has earned them the highest honor in the solar industry in Taiwan, the “Golden Energy Award for Quality Solar Products,” for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022. The company’s latest launch, the high-current solar converters, marks a significant milestone in the development of large-scale and high-efficiency solar systems. PrimeVOLT’s unwavering focus on research and innovation in technology aims to enhance the performance and reliability of their solar products, pushing the boundaries of the green energy industry. With top-notch products and services, PrimeVOLT will keep offering cutting-edge solutions that cater to the diverse needs of customers, contributing to a greener planet.


[About PrimeVOLT]

PrimeVOLT is a leading brand in green energy, affiliated with Taiwan’s renowned power supply giant APD. The company is dedicated to designing and manufacturing solar inverters for customers worldwide. Its robust R&D capabilities, coupled with high-quality products and professional services, have made PrimeVOLT the number one brand in the PV inverter industry in Taiwan. Moving forward, PrimeVOLT will continue to provide innovative products and energy storage solutions to contribute to a green and sustainable future.

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Solar photoelectric helps activate lands PrimeVOLT inverters become the driving force of carbon reduction

Heat waves are striking globally, and it is imperative to curb the speed of global warning with the use of renewable energy; how to implement the applications of renewable energy and Net Zero carbon reduction have become important issues that governments and enterprises around the world are now focusing on. Taiwan is on the Tropic of Cancer and has sufficient sunshine all year long, which makes it very suitable for solar photoelectricity development; however, it also often faces the challenge of difficult land acquisition. As a matter of fact, many lands in coastal areas of Taiwan are often abandoned due to subsidence or severe salt damages, which caused them to be geologically unfavorable for farming. The construction of solar farms not only can bring a ray of life to the revitalization of barren lands, neither will it affect the development of normal agriculture; the considerable carbon reduction effects that it can bring due to the renewable energy are also extremely meaningful nowadays when global warming is intensifying.

The Sen Ju Green Energy Solar Farm located at Fangyuan Township, Changhua County is a ground-based solar farm built on such barren lands. The capacity of the devices of this farm is 2MW, and they all use PrimeVOLT’s 60kW three phase on-grid PV inverters. The owner stated that Changhua County has sufficient sunlight, and according to the data from Taipower, the average daily power generation per 1 kW of solar power is as high as 3. 55KWH, which is the highest average power generation among all counties and cities in Taiwan. It is estimated that its investment payback period will be the shortest in all counties and cities in Taiwan; it is extremely economical. More importantly, the annual power generation of the farm is as high as 2. 6 million KWH. According to the statistics of Taipower, the average power usage per household for 2021 was 352KWH, which means that this farm can provide electricity for over 600 households for a year; it can even reduce carbon emission by approximately 1300 tons per year, which is the annual carbon intake of over 3 Daan Forest Park. Because of the construction of the solar energy system on the barren lands that are unfavorable for farming, its actual carbon reduction contribution to the global environment cannot be underestimated.


*Sen Ju Green Energy – Changhua Fangyuan solar farm fully adopts PrimeVOLT’s 60kW smart on-grid PV inverters

This farm is close to the Changhua Wanggong coastal area, where there are strong sea breeze and severe salt damages; the owner specifically chose PrimeVOLT 60kW string solar PV inverters that comply with IP66 waterproof and dust-proof standards and passed IEC 60068-2-52: 2017 severity 5 international salt spray tests. Its salt-proof design can adapt to the special geographical environment of high salt damage in the coastal areas, and fully exert the maximum performances of the inverters. In addition, PrimeVOLT 60kW three phase on-grid PV inverters are equipped with four sets of MPPT that can be flexibly configured according to the different terrains and orientations of the farm, converting the power generation of the solar module more efficiently. The PF 0. 9 real power output with no derating can improve the overall power generation revenue, and the AFCI arc detection function can detect arc anomalies in real-time, reducing the risk of fire for the farm.

That’s worth mentioning is that PrimeVOLT inverters are string type with the features of flexible configuration and easy construction/maintenance. The difficulty for its operation and maintenance is much lower than the more centralized inverters. Whenever there are malfunctions, it is easier to identify the failure point of string inverters; this improves the efficiency for operation/maintenance and saves the cost for maintenance manpower significantly. In addition, the entire series of PrimeVOLT inverter products all have built-in DC junction box functions, there is no need to purchase additional DC junction boxes; it can reduce the construction cost for the farm directly, and shorten the investment payback period of the solar farm, in which the AC/DC surge protector can provide comprehensive protection for the farm to improve the safety of the farm.

PrimeVOLT inverters have won the “Taiwan Excellent PV” award repeatedly from the Ministry of Economic Affairs with their outstanding and high-performance product qualities; higher power and energy-storage models will continually be launched in the future based on market trends and needs. PrimeVOLT will work hand in hand with its various large farm customers across Taiwan to implement energy transition and achieve the government’s goal of Net Zero carbon emission by 2050.

PrimeVOLT Debuted at All-Energy Australia to Enter Australian with Cutting-Edge Technologies and Committed Partnership

PrimeVOLT, a leading solar inverter supplier headquartered in Taiwan, made its debut at the All-Energy Australia held from October 26 to 27 2022 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, unveiling its innovative and industry-leading expertise in PV inverter design and manufacturing capacity through a wide range of top-notch portfolio including new models that carries the company’s promise to offer the most reliable and efficient products to customers in Australia and around the world.

“At the forefront of clean energy transition, Australia has been generating more clean energy than ever before and will continue its record-breaking run of rooftop solar. We are super excited to be part of this rapidly developing market,” said John Diao, Sales Head of Asian Power Device Group (APD). “With robust R&D and manufacturing bases in Taiwan and Shenzhen, we are well positioned to team up with our partners to tap into this high potential market.”

PrimeVOLT’s latest three phase hybrid inverter PV 5/6/8/10KHB-D3, which debuted at All-Energy Australia 2022, features high efficiency in energy storage (up to 98.4%) and battery efficiency (at 98%). Its optimized charge controlling capability allows the device to reach the maximum charge/discharge current of 50A. With the company’s leading-edge safety technology, the inverter has enhanced safety features including arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) function, IP65 waterproof/dustproof, and C5 anti-corrosion protection. Designed for residential applications with more diversified and complex scenarios, the inverter can also greatly increase the amount of self-generation electricity and prioritize the self-consumption of stored energy to deliver PrimeVOLT’s promise of energy saving.

The single phase inverter PV 7/8/10KTL, another highlight of the exhibition, blends streamlined modern design with greater power generation density. With maximum input current of 20A for each string, the product is perfectly compatible with a variety of high power modules and components. The high speed and precise MPPT algorithm for real-time power tracking and energy generation enables the inverter to perform at high efficiency of up to 98.2%. Complying with the industry’s most stringent safety standards, the device presents higher level of safety protection for the power system operation against extreme weather conditions. It also demonstrates outstanding stability in handling a rather wide range of voltage and high harmonic network.

“We have increased our manufacturing capacity from 3GW to 10GW at our bases in Shenzhen since October 2022,” said John. “The expansion will support us collaborate closely with local partners to make power generation more efficient and energy storage and consumption smarter for customers in Australia.”

As the renewable energy business division of Asian Power Device Group (APD), PrimeVOLT embarked on its clean energy journey from Taiwan since 2010 and has captured a dominant market share there for decades. In addition to the innovation, supply chain and manufacturing strength leveraged from APD, its state-of-the-art equipment and advanced management system empower PrimeVOLT to offer a broad product portfolio ranging from single phase to three phase that can be applied for both residential and commercial use.

All-Energy Australia is the country’s largest and most anticipated clean energy event in Australia. Featuring more than 250 suppliers and attracting more than 10,000 industry professionals, the exhibition opens up a world of opportunities for industry suppliers and experts as well as those involved in renewable energy and energy storage sectors to expand business networks.

PrimeVOLT showcases High Power Inverter/ESS Series in 2022 Energy Taiwan

Annual Convention of PV Industry – Energy Taiwan – launches at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall I on Oct. 19-21. PrimeVOLT, Taiwan’s leading brand of String PV Inverters, showcases its 110/125kW high power inverter and ESS Energy Storage System for the first time to attract crowding visitors (booth: 10815). During the exhibition, PrimeVOLT Inverter is further awarded “Taiwan Excellent PV” by the Bureau of Energy MOEA; the strength of PrimeVOLT once more wins the honor of national recognition.

Torrential visitors at PrimeVOLT booth

Torrential visitors at PrimeVOLT booth

In order to increase the ratio of renewable energy, the government continuously promotes PV system installations by offering bulk tariff benefits and incentives for large-scale installations, bringing up a tide of medium and large-scale site installation in the 2H of the year; high power inverter models will become mainstream demands. As the power of modules has increased continuously in recent years, the global PV market will also develop towards 500W and higher scales. To cope with market trending, PrimeVOLT specially launched 110/125kW high power inverters to meet demands for stand-alone types and installations for large-scale sites in agriculture, fishery and power markets. Vincent Fan, Senior Sales Director of PrimeVOLT, notes: Compared with central type inverters, PrimeVOLT’s string-designed inverters offer more flexibility in both planning and layout, as well as in maintenance and operation aspects. Viewing from 20-year long-term M&O costs, the Return on Investment (ROI) is far better than that of the central type; which is also the reason why PrimeVOLT would have launched 110/125kW high-power string-designed inverter in Q4 under the eager expectation of customers and the marketplace.

PrimeVOLT flagship 110/125kW 3-phase inverter has 9 sets MPPT/18 sets DC inputs with combined current input up to 20A, applicable to next-generation M10 and G12 modules for supporting 380V/480V (3-ph 3W/3-ph 4W) power systems. Built-in with DC box and Virtual Power Compensation/ Nighttime PID (Potential induced Degradation) functions. An optional Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) is also available for improved safety.

PrimeVOLT showcases ESS series products

Transient PV power generation in Taiwan surmounted 5.55Gw on 8/22, exceeding Taiwan’s record total nuclear power generation; MOEA also actively promotes the combination of PV and energy storage systems, expecting to achieve 500 MW installation by 2025, and formally brings up the heat of energy storage market of the island. PrimeVOLT has successfully exported ESS products and gained recognition from European and USA customers in recent years; this is their first exposure in Energy Taiwan 2022, exhibiting multiple single and 3-phase models ranging from 4.6 to 10kW, with maximum efficiency up to 98.4%, maximum discharge current up to 120A; up to 10 units can be paralleled simultaneously. They are also compatible with most market available BMSs (Battery Management Systems) for satisfying customer needs and meeting market expectations on the application of energy storage systems.

PrimeVOLT once more gained Taiwan Excellent PV Award this year with the 75kW Intelligent 3-phase Inverter

PrimeVOLT once more gained Taiwan Excellent PV Award this year with the 75kW Intelligent 3-phase Inverter

This is the 10th year of the “Taiwan Excellent PV” award organized by the Bureau of Energy MOEA; the awarding ceremony is scheduled simultaneously as Energy Taiwan. Taiwan Excellent PV is the utmost honor of the Taiwan PV Industry. After winning the award for the first time last year with 30kW Inverter, PrimeVOLT once more gained this honor this year with the 75kW Intelligent 3-phase Inverter. Criteria of this year’s Taiwan Excellent PV are sterner; in addition to the accelerated acetic acid mist test on the copper, an additional thermal cycling test is increased in accordance with the international code IEC 61215, ensuring the inverter meets CNS 15426 standards under harsh environments. PrimeVOLT 75kW (PV-75000T-U) 3-phase Inverter passed all the harsh tests and excelled, winning Taiwan Excellent PV for the second time and further revealing the exceptional excellence of PrimeVOLT Inverters.

PrimeVOLT string inverters Advantages are shown in long-term investments

The 2050 Net Zero carbon emission has now become an international consensus; the National Development Council also published the “Net Zero carbon emission roadmap” recently; energy transition in Taiwan is imperative. Compared to other renewable energies, the development of solar photoelectricity technology started earlier and is relatively more mature by now. To achieve the target of cumulative 20GW solar photoelectricity by 2025 set by the government within a short period of time, it relies on the active deployment of different types of solar farms across Taiwan. In addition to large-scale ground-type farms, construction of solar photovoltaic systems on the rooftops of agricultural facilities is also a target that the government is actively promoting.

The constructions of solar systems on farmlands nowadays are mostly on the rooftops of poultry houses. Take Taiwan’s largest source of poultry and livestock mean production, Yunlin County, for example, the Hua Yin Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant located at Gancuo, Citong Township is a typical poultry rooftop type farm. The capacity of the panel devices at Gancuo is 475. 2kW, which all use PrimeVOLT smart three phase on-grid PV inverters. The annual power generation of the farm is as high as 540,000 KWH, which can be provided for the electricity usage by 150 households for a year, and it can even reduce the carbon emission by approximately 270 tons per year, which is more than the annual carbon intake of one Daan Forest Park.

Cihtong Township, Yunlin – Hua Yin Energy farm, fully introduced PrimeVOLT smart three phase on-grid PV inverters

The owner stated that the Gancuo farm itself built the solar systems on the rooftops of its poultry houses; not only was it because they were interested in the revenue from 20 years of electricity sales, having solar systems built on the rooftops of poultry houses can also isolate the scorching sun and reduce the temperature of the poultry houses effectively. It also prolongs the usage life of the metal corrugated roofing sheets and reduces the chances of water leakage. These are additional advantages for installing solar photovoltaic systems on the poultry houses.

The Gancuo poultry house farm adopted PrimeVOLT’s 30kW/60kW series three phase inverters, in which the 60kW upgraded versions of inverters (PV-60000T-U) are equipped with four sets of MPPT that are able to convert the power generation of the solar modules efficiently; the IP66 and salt-proof designs can also exert their performances under various environments. The 30kW inverters (PV-30000T-U) are products that won the “Taiwan Excellent PV” award from the Bureau of Energy in 2021; their PF 0.9 real power output with no derating can increase the income from power generation effectively, and also increase the overall cost-effectiveness of the product. All series of PrimeVOLT products have built-in DC junction box functions that provide comprehensive protection, and can reduce the construction cost of the farm directly, and shorten the investment payback period of solar farms.

PrimeVOLT a new energy brand of a major energy manufacturer in Taiwan – Asian Power Devices; it has been developing and selling solar photovoltaic converters (inverters) at home and abroad, and its products have won the “Taiwan Excellent PV” awarded by the Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs. PrimeVOLT specializes in string inverters; compared to centralized inverters, centralized inverters may have lower construction costs during the earlier periods, but in terms of benefits from long-term investments, which owners cares most about, string inverters have advantages including flexible configurations, easy construction and maintenance, and low assembly cost. When malfunctions occur at the farm, the failure points are easier to identify, allowing repairs and maintenance to be more efficient, and saves maintenance cost significantly. The advantages and disadvantages of investment benefits for the long term can be seen immediately; string inverters are still the best choice for the investment in different types of farms.


AUO Featured Energy Product Briefing PrimeVOLT inverters received enthusiastic responses

The 303 power outage in Taiwan highlighted the importance of power generation with green energy; the Energy Business department of AUO responded to the government’s energy transition policies, and is committed to providing solar power system solutions. It held the “2022 AUO Featured Energy Product Briefing” at Tainan Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City on 3/18, and the indicator brand of Taiwan inverters – PrimeVOLT, was also invited and participated as a featured partner of AUO to share its all series of new smart inverter products, and had lively exchanges and interactions with the industry’s EPC guests on-site.

The Bureau of Energy set a 20GW solar photoelectricity goal by 2025, and large ground-based power plants have large construction capacities; these will become the focus of development in the next few years. In response to the high-power inverter needs of large-scale power plants, PrimeVOLT not only has its existing 60/75kW upgraded performance series models, it will also launch new high-power flagship three phase inverters in the second half of the year.

PrimeVOLT’s business associate, Ming-Chung Fan stated that: “PrimeVOLT’s 60/75kW upgraded performance inverters lead the industry and were the first to obtain 440/460/480V VPC certificates; they meet the needs of Taipower and are applicable to the different power environments in Taiwan. They can reduce the cost of transformers that the customers need to configure for 440/460V voltage systems. After thePrimeVOLT60/75kW upgraded performance inverter series were launched, there were high inquiries from the industry; currently, the cumulative installed capacity in Taiwan has exceeded 220 MW.”

新望業務協理 范明中受邀參與友達能源精選產品說明會

PrimeVOLT’s business associate Ming-Chung Fan was invited to participate in the AUO Featured Energy Product Briefing


Facing the need of large-scale power plant constructions, in order to reduce unit costs for solar power modules, they are continually developing towards large sizes/high-power/high current; high-power inverter models will become mainstream. PrimeVOLT is about to launch the highly anticipated high-power flagship series – 110KW/380V and 125KW/480V three phase on-grid inverters in the fourth quarter; the new models have up to 9 sets of MPPT, 18 string output, and the maximum DC input current of the string is as high as16/20A. They meet the high-power module configurations in the future and can lower the construction costs of power plants effectively.

The government announced that the wholesale electricity price rate for the first half of the year was lower than expected, and this is bound to push the number of constructions of solar power plants; optimistic outlook for the solar power market is expected. As a major local inverter manufacturer, PrimeVOLT is not only known from its products with outstanding quality, it also has a powerful and professional research and development team that can quickly respond to EPC customers from the early planning of power plants, to before the completion of the power plant, including investigations by Taipower, regulatory trends, replacement plan evaluation and suggests and all other technical consultations. PrimeVOLT became the most trusted partner of many EPC customers with the value-for-money services they provided that are rare in the industry.

In 2021, under unstable factors such as lack of materials and increased prices in the market, PrimeVOLT inverters were still adopted by many solar farms across Taiwan, and its market share still ranks number two; this shows its strength. PrimeVOLT will continue to launch new inverter products in the future that meet market trends with the most competitiveness in the market to satisfy the needs of customers.

PrimeVOLT inverters won the “Taiwan Excellent PV” award

The Taiwan Excellent PV award held by the Bureau of Energy has entered the ninth year this year, and this year, inverters were included in the competition for the first time; it is the highest quality award for the inverter industry. The major inverter manufacturer, PrimeVOLT, participated in the competition with its three phase inverter series and won the award. The award was presented by the President Ing-Wen Tsai on the 8th, and the General Manager of PrimeVOLT, Chin-Ming Chuang, received the award.

The “2021 Taiwan Excellent PV” award was reviewed according to the national standard (CNS) of the Republic of China (Taiwan); the review contents include the parallel verifications of the inverters, the verification of safety specifications, and the verification of electromagnetic compatibilities, etc. In addition, it was confirmed that the products can adapt to rigorous environments according to the US ASTM B368-09 Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray (CASS) high corrosive test item, and the inverter that is most suitable for the island-type special environment of Taiwan was selected. Most large-scale solar power plants are constructed on salt flat lands in recent years; the high salt environment and the intertidal impacts are rigorous tests to power electronic equipment; general salt spray tests could no longer verify its adaptability.

The PrimeVOLT inverter that won the award is a one-piece aluminum casting box with IP66 dust-proof and waterproof levels, and passed IEC 60068-2-52: 2017 severity 5 salt spray test; it is suitable for use in Taiwan’s island-type humid and rigorous environments. The two sets of MPPT can input independently or in parallel; the built-in DC junction box function has features including PF 0.9 real power output without derating. The design of the appearance also won the Golden Pin Design Award awarded by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Energy Taiwan will be exhibited at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 from 12/8-10, PrimeVOLT will also showcase its latest smart solar photovoltaic inverter series. Chin-Ming Chuang stated that PrimeVOLT inverters won the Taiwan Excellent PV award, which shows its product strengths, and they comply with industry trends. The new inverter products displayed this time are equipped with AFCI (Arc-fault circuit interrupter) arc detection functions that can detect abnormal statuses of the solar power plants automatically, reducing fire and electrical shock hazards and improving safety. The input current is increased to 12. 5A to satisfy high-performance module configurations, and are equipped with nighttime reactive power compensation, meeting the needs of Taipower’s large scale solar power farms. They also support 380V three phase three wire and three phase four wire power systems, which makes wiring more flexible, in which the 22kW inverter is equipped with fan-less natural cooling design, making it more suitable for poultry and livestock house farms.

The new 75kW function upgraded version even leads the industry and is the first to obtain 440/460/480Vac output voltage VPC certificates, suitable for different power environments; it can reduce construction costs of solar power farms, and are more suitable for applications at large-scale power plants, factories and other special power environments. (PrimeVOLT booth P0814)