• Reference Cases

Ground-Mounted PV Power Station

The key point to a ground-mounted PV power station is the total cost and the full utilization of surrounding land which can increase the total ROI. PrimeVOLT three-phase 6~60 kW inverters can be flexibly combined according to your land-use planning to effectively solve the land issue as well as improving the entire value of your investment.

Reference Cases

Changhua County, Taiwan

Capacity: 2 MW
Model: PV-60000T-U

Mailiao, Yunlin County, Taiwan

Capacity: 26 MW
Model: PV-40000T-U

Suao, Yilan County, Taiwan

Capacity: 1 MW
Model: PV-75000T-U

Budai Town, Chiayi County, Taiwan

Capacity: 20 MW
Model: PV-30000T-U

Jianan Canal, Taiwan

Capacity: 6 MW
Model: PV-30000T-U

Yanshuei Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan

Capacity: 2.5 MW
Model: PV-10000T-U

Yunlin Taixi, Taiwan

Capacity: 0.6 MW
Model: PV-30000T-U