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Energy Storage Inverter

Energy storage is the pivotal pillar of support for energy revolution. With the reduction of energy storage cost and the increase of new energy installation, the installed capacity of energy storage is ramping up. PrimeVOLT debuted the new AC Coupled inverter, Hybrid inverter as well as other new models. The new energy storage household products feature very powerful charge controlling, which can greatly increase the amount of self-generation electricity and smartly prioritize the self-consumption of stored energy.

  • Single Phase AC Coupled Inverter PV 4.6/5/6KAC
  • Single Phase Hybrid Inverter PV 4.6/5/6KHB-60
  • Single Phase Hybrid Inverter PV 4.6/5/6KHB-120
  • Three Phase Hybrid Inverter PV 5/6/8/10KHB-D3
  • 1 Phase 4.6-6 KAC

  • 1 Phase 4.6-6 KHB

  • 3 Phase 6-10 KHB-D3


  • With BMS system to ensure high battery life
  • Natural cooling design
  • Compatible with lead-acid batteries and lithium battery energy storage systems
  • Remote configuration and upgrade

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