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PrimeVOLT Tops the List of Inverter Shipment for 2022 in Taiwan

Amidst the thriving solar market, the competition for PV inverters - the core equipment of the entire solar system - has even intensified. Thanks to its superior product quality and excellent after-sales service, PrimeVOLT has emerged as a leader in this domain, earning the top rank in inverter shipment for 2022. The company has become the preferred choice of customers across Taiwan’s major power plants.

PrimeVOLT Sets a Shining Example with Green Rooftop Solar System Taichung Jianguo Market Grid Connection on March 6

The rooftop solar power system of Taichung Jianguo Market, equipped with the innovative PrimeVOLT solar inverters, has officially connected to the power grid. Providing clean electricity to an estimated 461 households annually, it stands as a model for public green energy rooftop projects throughout Taiwan. With the reliable and high-performing PrimeVOLT inverters, this system maintains exceptional power generation efficiency, even under the varied climate conditions of Taiwan.

PrimeVOLT launches new PV inverters for high power solar modules HOT!

In response to the trend of major module manufacturers launching high power modules such as M10 and G12, Taiwan's leading string inverter brand, PrimeVOLT, has launched a new series of high-current solar photovoltaic converters/inverters, including 30kW, 60kW and 75kW models, which are perfectly matched with high-power solar modules to bring users a more stable and efficient solar power generation experience.