PrimeVOLT Sets a Shining Example with Green Rooftop Solar System Taichung Jianguo Market Grid Connection on March 6

As the global movement towards net-zero emissions gains momentum and the European Union introduces its Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), Taiwan is leading the way in combating climate change by passing the Climate Change Response Act. This act accelerates the transition to net-zero and renewable energy for both public and private sectors. The Taichung City Government is taking active steps to promote green energy and build a low-carbon city. To this end, the Taichung Jianguo Market, the largest public retail market in Taiwan, has built a rooftop solar power system by repurposing the top floor parking lot. The system, which was officially connected to the grid on March 6, is expected to supply electricity to 461 households annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 991.822 metric tons. This is equivalent to the annual carbon absorption of 2.6 Da’an Forest Parks. The initiative is set to inject new life into green energy development and the revitalization of public spaces, creating a nationwide benchmark for public green rooftop projects.


The solar power generation system at Taichung Jianguo Market, designed and constructed by Mingjun Energy, has a total capacity of 1,948,570 kW per year. The innovative rain shelter design, combining H-steel structure and C-beam, allows for the installation of solar modules above it. This design not only improves the building’s service life but also maximizes the usage rate of the top floor parking lot. The project features PrimeVOLT intelligent solar inverters, which are compliant with IP66 waterproof and dustproof standards and pass the salt spray test of the international regulation standard IEC 60068-2-52:2017 severity 5. Even with Taiwan’s diverse climate, the system provides stable operation and excellent power conversion performance. The PrimeVOLT inverter is equipped with four sets of MPPT that can be flexibly configured to optimize power generation according to the different configurations and orientations of the solar panels. Its PF 0.9 real power output without load shedding function can enhance the overall power generation revenue. Additionally, the optional AFCI function can detect arc abnormalities in time, reducing the risk of fire for the system.

FAN Mingchung, Senior Sales Manager from PrimeVOLT, emphasized the crucial role of solar inverters in ensuring the safety and efficiency of solar systems. He also mentioned that at the Taichung Jianguo Market, 22 three-phase on-grid inverters of 60kW have been installed, each embedded with maximum power point tracking technology that can achieve a remarkable conversion efficiency up to 98.6%. The cutting-edge technology fully maximizes the power generation efficiency of the system, ensuring that the rooftop solar power system provides reliable and efficient clean energy to the community.

Established in 2010, PrimeVOLT is the new energy brand of Taiwan’s major power supply manufacturer APD. Leveraging its robust R&D expertise, PrimeVOLT offers top-notch solar inverter products with premium quality and high performance to both domestic and international markets. With a steadily increasing shipment volume, PrimeVOLT has already installed a total of 1.8GW of solar systems. In recognition of its outstanding PV inverter products, PrimeVOLT has been awarded the highest honor in Taiwan’s solar industry, the “Golden Energy Award”, for two consecutive years. As the leading solar inverter brand, PrimeVOLT is firmly committed to providing excellent and reliable products to its clients around the world.

【About PrimeVOLT】

PrimeVOLT is a leading brand in green energy, affiliated with Taiwan’s renowned power supply giant APD. The company is dedicated to designing and manufacturing solar inverters for customers worldwide. Its robust R&D capabilities, coupled with high-quality products and professional services, have made PrimeVOLT the number one brand in the PV inverter industry in Taiwan. Moving forward, PrimeVOLT will continue to provide innovative products and energy storage solutions to contribute to a green and sustainable future.

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