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Single Phase On-Grid PV Inverter

In the field of household products, PrimeVOLT introduced a new series of single-phase products for residential use, covering the power range of 2KW to 10KW. The new model inherits the company outstanding R&D gene with higher reliability and safety, and greater power generation density in smaller sizes. Its maximum efficiency reaches up to 98.2%, which can perfectly be compatible with the single-phase high-power application scenarios.

  • PV 2/3/3.6KTL-S1
  • PV 4/5/6KTL-D1
  • PV 2/3/3.6 KTL-S1/G2 (New)
  • PV 4/5/6 KTL-D1/G2 (New)
  • PV 7/8/10KTL-D1 (New)
  • Single phase 2-10 KW

  • Single phase 2-6 KW


  • Maximum efficiency 98.2%
  • String current 13A , compatible with high Power modules
  • 150% PV configuration , 110% output overload
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof, C5 anti-corrosion
  • Natural cooling
  • Remote configuration and upgrade
  • Supports export power control

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