• Reference Cases

Rooftop PV Power Station

PrimeVOLT single-phase inverters offer the 3 kW/3.6 kW and 5 kW single/dual MPPT series to address various demands of small-scale rooftop installations, such as the rooftops of homes.

PrimeVOLT three-phase inverters are available in 10kW/15kW/20kW/30kW/40 kW/60kW/75W models to meet the demands of medium to large-scale rooftop applications, like the rooftops of barns, factories, and commercial buildings.

PrimeVOLT inverters can be flexibly configured based on the demand of different environments including small or medium to large-scale rooftops to create the best power performance.

Reference Cases

Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Capacity: 5 MW
Model: PV-30000T-U

Beigang Town, Yunlin County, Taiwan

Capacity: 60 kW
Model: PV-5000W-V

Shanhua Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan

Capacity: 8 kW for each family, total 150 kW
Model:  PV-3000N-V, PV-5000W-V

Dacheng Town, Changhua County, Taiwan

Capacity: 499 kW
Model: PV-10000T-U

Zhunan Town, Miaoli County, Taiwan

Capacity: 100 kW
Model: PV-5000W-HV